death muerte

death, the great silence

As the liturgical year draws to the end and we prepare ourselves for a new one, the Readings presented to us start to get a little uncomfortable. Both the First Reading and the Gospel we hear are considered apocalyptic writings, writings about the end of time—Apocalypse meaning unveiling, seeing things as they truly are. In […]

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match, death, martyr, testigo,

to die or not to die

Last week we heard the story of Zacchaeus, which occurred as Jesus was making his way to Jerusalem. This week we hear that Jesus has arrived in Jerusalem, where he finds the authorities are plotting against him. They set traps for him with their questioning. First they try to trick him by asking where his […]

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all is bubbles

We all know the story of King David, recounted in the book of Samuel, and we all know about his son, Solomon, who is believed to have been the author of Ecclesiastes, the First Reading of today. Solomon had it all: riches, lands, wisdom, and fame, and yet he was a searching soul. In Ecclesiastes […]

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