selfie millennials

paul, first millennial

A few months ago some friends and I drove up to Austin to attend a graduation ceremony. We started talking about commencement speeches, and we noticed that most commencement speeches have two key elements in common. The first element is an emphasis on discovering your passion, talents, and gifts. The second element is a call […]

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Faith tree

cereal-aisle faith

One of the perks of wearing the roman collar in public is that I get to have the most interesting conversations in the oddest of places, even in the cereal aisle of a supermarket. I was looking at cereals the other day, and from the corner of my eye I saw someone pass by, and […]

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one doesn’t “just” follow jesus

Last week we heard about Jesus’ dinner invitation with one of the leading Pharisees; we heard that his popularity has been steadily increasing, and that he is becoming a celebrity of sorts. Today, the Gospel depicts a multitude walking with Jesus: “Great crowds were travelling with Him” (Lk 14:25). I can picture Jesus stopping, looking […]

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fear that locks in

Newscasts have learned to rely on a number of phrases to capture our attention. They start with “Don’t leave, when we come back, the danger of using too much salt in your food!” move on to “The frightening truth of sitting down for too long” or “What you may not know about the water you’re […]

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the masks we wear

It is amazing to see how much we can learn about human nature by observing our children. A year ago my sister gave birth to a baby girl. Something very interesting occurred one day when I was visiting. My Mom was holding my baby niece in her arms and they were embracing. One of my […]

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freedom or obedience?

Whenever a tragedy occurs, be it nationally, locally, or personally, we find that we must go through a period of adaptation. Once the crisis has passed we must go back to our work, our daily routine, our daily lives. During this period we can experience a certain dryness in our lives. Life becomes insipid, as if […]

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