forgive, perdonar, perdón, forgiveness

why forgive?

Why Forgive? Thirty-six years ago, there was an attempt on the life of Pope St. John Paul II. Many of you may even recall it. Fortunately the pope lived, and after he recovered, he shocked the world when he made a visit to Rome’s prison on Christmas Day to see the man who had attempted […]

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Why are YOU a Christian?

A couple of years ago, when I was still in seminary, we were assigned to parishes over the summer.  I got assigned to a medium sized parish with a couple of resident priests. I befriended a Jesuit priest. Every night after having dinner, we would enjoy a glass of wine and talk about theology, the […]

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so… he rose, what now?

I was meeting with one of the Confirmation students and talking about the Sacrament. She asks me, “So, what now?” “What do you mean?” I respond.  “Well, until now I’ve been in CCD classes for First Communion prep and then Confirmation prep classes. What now? What happens after I receive the Sacrament?” And I thought […]

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